26 March 2013

Johor Bahru Seafood

Been making random trips to JB for zichar dinners recently :D
Not too sure what's the place called, it's rather near KSL, with a fenced up hawker-centre-like area. And, further down the road there're many many durian lorries/stalls!

Tried 933 Seafood Stall.
Was seated on the outside cos the weather was good!
7pm+, but still bright and yet windy!

 photo image_zps81fbe041.jpeg

Ordered cereal prawns, garlic lala, and sambal kang kong.

 photo image_3_zpsf07d04f3.jpeg

And woah, the sambal is really hot! I was almost tearing after a mouth of it.

 photo image_1_zps23d00e26.jpeg

The cereal prawns were not too bad.

 photo image_2_zps21ba1f46.jpeg

Garlic lala was a little dry and lack of flavour :/

 photo image_4_zpsfca61b75.jpeg

 photo image_zps1a977271.png

Bill came up to slightly about RM60.

The following time we tried 183 Seafood BBQ.

 photo image_5_zps851fa2d7.jpeg

 photo image_72_zpsc6c9d3b6.jpeg

Here's the menu if you need.

 photo image3_zpsb29bd1c3.jpeg

 photo image_23_zpsc8b860f4.jpeg

Ordered garlic fried kai lan, beancurd hotplate and butter crayfish.

 photo image_8_zpsc0c08d2b.jpeg

 photo image_62_zps00a69550.jpeg

Very fresh and green kai lan, you could taste the natural sweetness of it when simply stir-fried :)

 photo image2_zps8507d610.jpeg

The crayfish was also real yumms!
Market price that day was about RM7 per 100g.
We shared 3 of them, at a total weight of ~600g. Which was more than enough I feel :)
One of the crayfishes had a little stinky smell, and the lady boss was kind enough to immediately deduct it from our bill, explaining several times that it is natural for some crayfishes to smell that way.
Really? I've never had experiences with 'stinky' crayfishes, but rest of the crayfishes tasted so good that it wasn't an issue at all.

 photo image_12_zps02331c36.jpeg

Bill was around RM40 (or slightly less) after deducting 1 crayfish.

Got a chendol from the dessert stall right opposite 183.

 photo image_22_zps40a0da39.jpeg

It tasted extremely diluted :/

 photo image_32_zpsda04a8af.jpeg

My entertainment in the car :p

 photo image_42_zps83804495.jpeg

We went back yesterday to try another stall called 'Hai Kee Seafood'.
Ordered the exact same dishes as the previous round so that we can do a better comparison.

 photo image_73_zps67fc8081.jpeg

 photo image4_zps95a4f89b.jpeg

 photo image_83_zps6fbea723.jpeg

 photo image_52_zpsbb83332c.jpeg

 photo image_63_zpsc291869c.jpeg

 photo image_24_zps005c1403.jpeg

The kailan was very oily. And barely palatable.

 photo image_44_zps652245f1.jpeg

Hotplate tofu was more heavily flavoured. Kinda saltish unless you eat it with lotsa plain rice.

 photo image_34_zpsf431de06.jpeg

Crayfish was also a tad oily as well, but still manageable. The crumbs that came with the dish tasted sinfully good while they were still cripsy! Hehe.
Not sure though if the crayfishes aren't as fresh, cos the meat feels a little softer/more moisted than I would like them.

 photo image2_zps88ba361e.png
Total bill was RM49.40.
We gave a RM50 note, and the stall owner insisted on searching for 60 cents for us even though we told her to keep the change and was already walking away. Very cute lady.


So, we may go back to the first stall (933) to try the same few dishes in order to have a better comparison.
But currently, we both like the second stall (183 Seafood) best :D
Can't wait to try out even more food there!
Environment and hygiene may not be of A+ standards, but the food is cheap & good (usually) and each dinner trip does feel like a quick (only 10-15mins drive from the customs) getaway from busy Singapore!

 photo image_92_zpsbd50741e.jpeg

 photo image_102_zpsc6713c23.jpeg


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