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12 December 2016

Kay's Instant Macaroni review

Whipping up a macaroni meal is now as easy as in 1…2…3 mins! All thanks to Kay’s Singapore instant macaroni packets!

About Kay’s

“In 2008, we started as an import and distribution company that serve healthy and natural food products. After gaining profound knowledge of food industry for 8 years, the experience that we have gathered allowed us to identify specific requirements in the consumers lifestyle and food industry. Therefore with this foresight, we open our doors in 2015 and committed to cater consumer only the finest, high-quality and affordable food products in Singapore. We believe that anyone can prepare food quickly and easily for themselves and their loved ones by using our food products, which is made in Singapore. In line with this belief in preparing food conveniently, we introduce our first instant macaroni that can help customers to save time and money in their busy and time-tight lifestyle.”

These are the instant macaroni flavours available currently:


“Anchovy stock is one of the most important parts in enhancing the soup-based flavourful. Making anchovies stock is fast and convenient and usually takes 10-15 minute, unlike making chicken or vegetable stock.
However, if using our anchovy macaroni, anchovy macaroni will be ready after 3 minutes.”


“Spice it up with our curry flavour with only 3 minutes of your time. It is so simple that you do not require to prepare a variety of herbs to bring out the spiciness of the curry.”

Tom Yum

“Eat it fresh and eat it warm! Our Tom yum macaroni flavour gives you hot and sour soup that you had ever experience and achieve it with a few simple steps”


“Preparing chicken soup is tedious as it requires a lot of chopping and cleaning of the chicken. Also, it is time-consuming. By using our chicken macaroni, you are able to achieve the full and soothing soup base in less than 10 minutes.”


“Broth is one of the most important components in any vegetable-related food. By making a hearty and filling vegetable macaroni, you only need the broth, which is in the macaroni packet, macaroni and the rest of the ingredients that gives you a delicious meal.”

My personal favourite is the tom yum flavour as it has just the right amount of spiciness (not spicy at all if you’re a chili kind of person) and tanginess that is extremely refreshing.
You may even want to add ingredients of your choice to make it more nutritious – I added some fresh clams to create the seafood tom yum flavour.

Garlic 1 clove
White wine 100ml
Fresh clams 12-15
Instant macaroni pack
Boiling water 250ml

1) Stir-fry the garlic till golden brown. You may add some chili flakes
2) Add 100ml white wine for 10 seconds
3) Add the clams to simmer for 3-5 mins, till all the clams are popped open.
4) While the clams are cooking, add the boiling water to the macaroni and seasoning in a separate bowl to simmer
5) Once the clams are done, transfer the clams and broth to the ready macaroni and ta-dah!

Kay’s Macaroni is available at $3.20 (pack of three) from Sheng Siong Supermarket, Fairprice stores, Prime Supermarket and more. Latest list of outlets can be found at their Facebook page.

19 October 2016

Cha Thai

I have been hoping to try Cha Thai for the longest time. This rather new restaurant doesn’t just serve authentic Thai food, they are bringing to us fine Thai. 

At Cha Thai, you can often see its Founder, Permsiri Sirijindapan, also affectionately known as Leah, rolling up her sleeves and working her wok magic in the kitchen, whipping up Thai cuisine from the central region we all love. This certainly makes Cha Thai quite a newfound treasure and dining pleasure.

Most of us see Thai food as generally street food that comes at affordable prices. Cha Thai is more than that with Leah’s strong culinary passion got her admitted to schools in France and Thailand, which explains why she is able to  marry the best of East and West, adapting the West’s technology while keeping to the East’s traditions, to bring Thai food to another level. “Thai food is just like food from any other culture. In Japanese food, we have the street food, as well as the finer quality food. In Chinese food, likewise. Even Western food, we have street food or fast food and fine dining. Thai food is not just about street food”, said Leah. “The quality of Cha Thai’s food is the result of premium quality ingredients, along with traditional (not authentic) recipes cooked with modern techniques, to bring out another dimension in the taste of Thai, so our customers experience the best of Fine Thai Food”, Leah shared.

At Cha Thai, there is one thing you will definitely notice - the portions are so large you should always come with friends. It is in the Thai’s tradition and culture to gather, and therefore, their food always comes in portions large enough for sharing. Food always tastes the best in good company.

Besides the large serving portions, Leah insists on great quality ingredients. Seafood is sourced locally from kelongs for freshness. Meat is sous vide to achieve tenderness. Dips, curries, pastes, sauces, gravy, milk teas, refreshing drinks and all are made from scratch as well. 

The Smoothies are $4.50 each. Cold and hot drinks are at $2.90.

Cha Thai Signatures

Creamy Crab Roll $15
Deep dried spring roll sticks served with crab cream sauce made of finger roots herbs, and the fragrance of the crab cream sauce tastes like Thai laksa in a creamy state.

Crispy Prawn Cake $15
Deep fried thick juicy prawn cakes made with tiger prawns (not the usual shrimps used by many), served with sweet plum sauce

Lemongrass Prawn Salad $28

Not your normal salad, this is savoury yet refreshing at the same time!

Another 'salad' - Pomelo Salad

Signature Tiger Prawn ‘Panang’ Curry $28
Thai saffron curry with tiger prawns and juicy sweet lychees, glazed with coconut cream

Sauteed Kai Lan with Roasted Pork $16
Stir fry baby kai lan with sous vide roasted pork, garlic and oyster sauce

Garlic Chicken with Bird’s Chilli $18

Tom Yum Vegetarian Dumplings $18

I don't usually take vegetarian dishes specially, but this is one I wouldn't mind going for!

Simmered Pork $22
Simmered pork knuckle with kai lan, pork knuckle is super tender from 14 hours of sous vide, served with fresh chilli sauce made of fermented chilli sauce 

Premium Giant Tiger Prawns Claypot Glass Noodles $159 / Tiger Prawns Claypot Glass Noodles $55 (for 4 pax) (giant tiger prawn is about 35-40cm)

Thai baked claypot prawn tang hoon seasoned with spices, ginger, pepper and spring onions. Savour the good quality tang hoon which should be QQ in texture, not soggy.

Pad Thai $22

Charcoal Toast $8
Adapted from Cha Thai’s signature toast, Charcoal kaya toast is even fluffier and softer, paired with kaya dip. The orange dip at the background is milk tea flavour, which is good as well! Absolutely my favourite! Please go and try it for yourselves!

Coming to the desserts which sadly, I couldn't stomach much after the heavy dinner.

Emerald Jade (green ruby) $8

Red Ruby $8
Red Ruby with pandan fragrance fresh coconut milk

Sweet Corn Herbal Jelly $8

If you are looking for an enjoyable fine Thai meal of high quality, Cha Thai is certainly the right place for you :)

Cha Thai

80 Telok Ayer Street #01-01 Singapore 048466

Tel: 6636 3696

19 July 2013

Bangkok - First House hotel and Capri Asiatique

Okay, thought I should blog about my recent BKK trip despite the fact that I fell sick since the first night we got there and didn’t enjoy much shopping or eating -_- what a mood dampener!

It was supposed to be a shopping trip with the clique of girls from secondary school that I still keep in touch with, but unfortunately dd had an appointment clash nearing to date. So it was left with just the 3 of us – L, Q and me~

First evening was r&r at Asiatique - The River Front.
If you wanna know the directions there, and see more photos on the new shopping attraction in Bangkok, read my previous post on it :)
We took some time walking around and checking out the restaurants before settling for Capri Restaurant & Bar

 Capri Restaurant & Bar

Asiatique The River Front
2194 Charoenkrung Road
Bangkok, Thailand 10120

It is located at warehouse 8 of Asiatique, pretty near to where you would alight from the free ferry shuttle.

If the weather is good, I would prefer the outdoor dining area which sets us close to the river. But it was rather warm that evening, so we went indoor.
Capri serves Italian-Thai fusion cuisine.
Yet, the interior of the restaurant was surprisingly more towards Mediterranean décor style, in mainly blue and white reminding us immediately of Santorini, Greece.

We ordered two appetizers and main courses to share.
Here’re our drinks, in mickey mouse formation ;)

Q and L had midori sour.
Mine was the Sakura cocktail special (vodka, midori, fresh orange, cherry soda, syrup and mint leaves).
Totally didn’t expect a cocktail to come in a fishbowl -_-
I ended up only having like 1/10 of it.

Squid calamari with spiral fries

US sea scallops on spinach

Angel hair wasabi cream sauce with shrimp, asparagus with ebiko

They have all kinds of add-ons for the pastas. Prawns, smoked salmon, grilled salmon, veg, etc etc.
So you don’t have to worry about not having anything to your liking. Simply choose a base and add on whichever you would like :)

 photo image_73_zpsb4797bdb.jpeg

Q and I decided to go budget and stayed at First House hotel for this trip.
It’s only like S$30 pppn!
Basically all we need is a decent, clean and fuss-free accomodation. And First House suits just right.
The rooms are all very clean & pretty!

Besides, the hotel is located in between Glow pratunam and Amari watergate.
Meaning, it’s right opposite the platinum mall and near to the Centralworld/Big Sea.
Great location at such a price!

There’re several choices of rooms in pink, blue, yellow, green, and lilac. I’m so glad we got a lilac one. The pastel shade is so sweet and soothing :)

Matchy hairband with Q.
Haha, both are hers la, but she sacrificed one for me :)

We woke up for brunch at the Platinum mall foodcourt the next morning before spending the rest of our day there.

 photo image_38_zps30bda5c8.jpeg

 photo image_18_zps1d89c74a.jpeg

 photo image_13_zpsa9b7ea32.jpeg

 photo image_19_zpsecb8ad77.jpeg

 photo image_28_zpsd85889b3.jpeg

Cute sucre bunnies I found!
Kept the ones on the left and the right. Gave the one in the middle to L.

 photo image_49_zpsad9a7735.jpeg

Another soft-toy for my nephew. My luggage was like half-filled with soft-toys when I tried to pack them in -_-

 photo image_66_zps42f11b09.jpeg

Had dinner and rested at mcd after all the shopping.
Q got the minion toy that comes with the happy meal even before Singapore mcd came out with it! Haha.
And that’s like the last proper meal I ate le, cos I had a fever running soon after that. Forgot that I was sick and happily finished a pack of mcd fries and nuggets :X

 photo image_110_zps23a76c16.jpeg

 photo image9_zpsc320fb3d.jpeg

 photo image_29_zps5f10659f.jpeg

Went on to MBK, Big Sea and had some street market shopping later on.

Things in BKK are getting less cheap and they aren’t as opened to bargaining as before :(
I didn’t shop much, yet spent like sgd400 in one afternoon. How can that be right?

Warm food from 7 eleven at night so that I can take my meds. Plus liang-teh etc hoping to ‘cool down’.

 photo image_92_zpse0e8de83.jpeg

Huge fresh fruits for both of us the next morning :)

 photo image_11_zpsadaca6d8.jpeg

We spent the last day of our trip at chatuchak where Q and I had a challenge to limit our loot to just one recycle-bag each :X
For what reason, I can’t remember! Hahaha. I think we were either trying to conserve energy (too tired to carry much), baht or luggage space!
Anyway, we did it!
With the exception of the matching totes we got for our boys. Lol.
I decided to have the opening ceremony and used it first. So that I don’t have to squeeze it into the recycle tote.

 photo image_68_zps6b2a3e86.jpeg

 photo image_111_zpse0db0300.jpeg

 photo image_210_zps6b52a5a0.jpeg

 photo image_311_zpsf5804fb6.jpeg

Here’s a shot of the nescafe coffee float which is a must-have for me each time
I’m in bkk. But sadly, my fever hasn’t really subsided so I decided to keep off from caffeine those few days :(
Q bought and drank on my behalf, wahaha.
She refused to be in the photo with the drink with the excuse of dunno unglam attire or oily hair or oily face.

 photo image_411_zpsfddcc785.jpeg

 photo image_86_zps1b3eec19.jpeg

So the above pretty much sums up our 3-day trip to bkk.
Might seems pretty mundane but I enjoyed myself nevertheless!
Would have been much better if I wasn’t feeling unwell, sigh.
Now going through the photos makes me wanna go again.

 photo image_112_zps436bd9b6.jpeg