26 November 2020

[Delivery] Just Nuts Singapore

 As we return to WFO, my snacking habit is steadily returning too :D

Thus, one of the best deliveries I've had so far is from Just Nuts. It satisfies all my snacking needs with healthy options! You can find more details of it on Best in Singapore Best 8 Nuts & Snacks in Singapore ranking

Just Nuts is an online retailer that offers a wide variety of nuts, dried fruits, as well as other seeds and beans. What I like about them is the Hand-Picked Harvest - meaning, the nuts are carefully hand picked in the farm before being sent to the factory for further quality control. 

Let's take a look at the nuts, shall we?

Firstly, here's my favourite - the Antioxidant Mix Nut Box which is a great combination of sweet and savoury. Also, it consist of all the stuff I wanna have / try! I love walnuts, pine nuts and dried berries. A friend has been recommending me to try brazil nut and there it is, right in this mix! 

This mix is definitely what I'll recommend and order again!

Next, I got 300g of raw macadamias because I love the creamy buttery taste of macadamias in so many ways! You can roast them lightly with salt, or just have them baked awhile to enjoy the original taste of the nuts, or add them into your cookie bakes or salads. 
Besides, they have so much health benefits apparently that makes me love them even more. 
Importantly, I appreciate how Just Nuts packs the products into individual 100g packs which helps us to portion (snacking, lol) better, and keeps the remaining nuts fresher for longer!

Got the honey roasted almonds to satisfy my sweet tooth. The almonds came with a generous coating of honey (and sugar too as you can see!) and definitely lift up moody days.

The cashews in a darker shade of brown are the roasted ones, whereas the paler ones are the baked cashews. Personally I find cashew nuts yummy no matter how they are done, but I got more packets of the baked ones as they seem healthier with less salt and stuff :) 

I used to buy dried guava from the supermarket (the brand that comes in green and white packaging) but stopped a few years back as the quality seem to have dropped significantly (i often find dark and funny-tasting slices). So I was so happy to find that Just Nuts offers this! The guavas dried so nicely and taste good too. 

Oh and if you hadn't realise, all items are sealed air tight, in a reusable ziplock package which ensures freshness!


Let me know if you try the nuts from Just Nuts! It has became my favourite snack delivery site now.

Btw, payment is brought to us by Liquid Gateway - good to support local companies in such times I feel :)

Nuts Delivery Singapore


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