26 November 2020

[Delivery] Just Nuts Singapore

 As we return to WFO, my snacking habit is steadily returning too :D

Thus, one of the best deliveries I've had so far is from Just Nuts. It satisfies all my snacking needs with healthy options! You can find more details of it on Best in Singapore Best 8 Nuts & Snacks in Singapore ranking

Just Nuts is an online retailer that offers a wide variety of nuts, dried fruits, as well as other seeds and beans. What I like about them is the Hand-Picked Harvest - meaning, the nuts are carefully hand picked in the farm before being sent to the factory for further quality control. 

Let's take a look at the nuts, shall we?

Firstly, here's my favourite - the Antioxidant Mix Nut Box which is a great combination of sweet and savoury. Also, it consist of all the stuff I wanna have / try! I love walnuts, pine nuts and dried berries. A friend has been recommending me to try brazil nut and there it is, right in this mix! 

This mix is definitely what I'll recommend and order again!

Next, I got 300g of raw macadamias because I love the creamy buttery taste of macadamias in so many ways! You can roast them lightly with salt, or just have them baked awhile to enjoy the original taste of the nuts, or add them into your cookie bakes or salads. 
Besides, they have so much health benefits apparently that makes me love them even more. 
Importantly, I appreciate how Just Nuts packs the products into individual 100g packs which helps us to portion (snacking, lol) better, and keeps the remaining nuts fresher for longer!

Got the honey roasted almonds to satisfy my sweet tooth. The almonds came with a generous coating of honey (and sugar too as you can see!) and definitely lift up moody days.

The cashews in a darker shade of brown are the roasted ones, whereas the paler ones are the baked cashews. Personally I find cashew nuts yummy no matter how they are done, but I got more packets of the baked ones as they seem healthier with less salt and stuff :) 

I used to buy dried guava from the supermarket (the brand that comes in green and white packaging) but stopped a few years back as the quality seem to have dropped significantly (i often find dark and funny-tasting slices). So I was so happy to find that Just Nuts offers this! The guavas dried so nicely and taste good too. 

Oh and if you hadn't realise, all items are sealed air tight, in a reusable ziplock package which ensures freshness!


Let me know if you try the nuts from Just Nuts! It has became my favourite snack delivery site now.

Btw, payment is brought to us by Liquid Gateway - good to support local companies in such times I feel :)

Nuts Delivery Singapore


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Best in Singapore


15 November 2020

[Food Delivery] Steamboat Delivery Singapore

It's been awhile since we had food delivery since we can dine out more often nowadays. However, in this rainy season during year end, we find ourselves craving for hotpot often - and that brought us to try out the Steamboat delivery from the Best in Singapore steamboat delivery review.

The first thing that attracted me was the 1-hour island-wide delivery. This truly help to satisfy craving without having to plan in advance or wait too long (cravings subside quickly sometimes). Also, broth of steamboat is extremely important because I love to drink the hot, thick soups!

Steamboat Delivery Singapore promises mouth-watering broths & sauces! The recipes have been perfected over many years and is one of the main reasons people keep coming back. Sounds like a must-try isn't it??

The pricing of the ingredients is as good as the supermarkets, or cheaper even - considering that you don't even have to spend effort washing or prepping anything! 

I had the family over for dinner over the weekend, so we got the Steamboat King Bundle B that is for 3-4 pax. 

Website photography image credit to: Owari Photography

Website photography image credit to: Owari Photography

The portion turns out as good as shown in the website photo above!

The set includes the following which I feel that is enough even for a family of 5:

Delicious Signature Soup Base (1.5L) x 2
Fresh White Fish Slices (200 grams)
Chicken Shabu (200 grams)
Pork Belly Shabu (200 grams)
Pork Collar Shabu (200 grams)
Chicken Sausage (200 grams)
Japanese Steamed Rice (3 servings)
Korean Noodles (1 serving)
Enoki Mushroom (100 grams)
Fried Beancurd Skin Roll (8 pieces)
Egg Tofu (100 grams)
Superior Fish Paste (150 grams)
Chinese Long Cabbage (200 grams)
Shanghai Green (200 grams)
FREE Home-made Sambal Chilli Sauce (60ml x 2)
FREE Thai Chilli sauce (60ml x 2)
FREE Goma shoyu sauce (60ml x 2)
Drink (1.5L) x 1
Fresh Cold Fruits (4pax)

We got the soup base - premium collagen and tomato. And they were both yummy! Personally I prefer the premium collagen broth as it taste like it has been simmered for hours!

Website photography image credit to: Owari Photography

Steamboat Delivery Singapore also offers ala carte orders. My family is a fan of beef, so we had beef instead of pork for our steamboat dinner.

We added on the Gas Cooker + Gas Fuel for $29.90 for the convenience of cooking the food at the dining table. That's the whole point of hotpot isn't it :D The gas cooker is very easy to use - definitely recommended if you want to recreate the same hotpot experience as in a restaurant.

There's also choice of fruits (watermelon or orange slices) for 4 pax which is a great dessert for every steamboat meal.

This steamboat dinner is so great that my parents asked so many questions intending to order 2-pax bundles for themselves even! I think we can even order for CNY next time :) Really highly recommended. Let me know if you like it if you try Steamboat Delivery Singapore.

All Steamboat Delivery Singapore website photography image credit to: Owari Photography

Steamboat Delivery Singapore


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Best in Singapore


14 September 2020

[Food Delivery] Shepherd's Pie SG

I'm excited for one of the latest recommendation by Best in Singapore 5 Best Pie Delivery in Singapore - Shepherd's Pie SG!

Traditionally, Shepherd’s Pies were made using sheep or lamb meat. However, as I scrolled through the website of Shepherd's Pie SG, I noticed many of the pies and items were actually made using beef - which I love!

Not only shepherd's pies, Shepherd's Pie SG also offers other items on the menu that incorporates the ingredients from their shepherd pies - such as Lagsana from the tender ground beef they have, or Mac n Cheese with the well-aged cheese they use for the pies.

These are the stuff I ended up ordering for lunch!

The food arrived warm, and within an hour of ordering. 
Needless to say, I started with the Shepherd's Pie!

Shepherd's Pie SG website photography image credit to: Owari Photography

Medium 400g - $18.90
Massive 800g - $29.90

Look at the creamy mash and slight cheese pull.

There is a super generous amount of meat filling underneath, packed with flavours of onions and olive. It is even good to just eat as it is, but nice too to pair it with the brown sauce that comes along. Definitely my favourite item in the delivery.

Shepherd's Pie SG website photography image credit to: Owari Photography

Personal Tray - $13.90

Not sure why the lagsana came labeled as Pia's Homemade Lagsana instead - I'm guessing they changed the name to tSienna’s Traditional Lasagna recently but have not updated the labels?

Again, there is plentiful beef filling and cheeses (Mozarella, Cheddar, and Ricotta cheese) packed between the lasagna sheets. The herbs also gave more depth to the flavour.

Last order of the delivery is the Mac n Cheese.

Shepherd's Pie SG website photography image credit to: Owari Photography

2 pax serving - $30.90

Decided to try the bacon version for a change. I'm not a fan of pork in general, but this dish does fine! It will definitely be a good alternative for people who don't / can't take beef.
I like how creamy the Parmesan and Gruyere Cheese are, contrasted by the more crispy bacon pieces. 

All Shepherd's Pie SG website photography image credit to: Owari Photography

Shepherd's Pie SG


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Best in Singapore


6 September 2020

[Food Delivery] The Fruit Hut


With the growing trend of food deliveries (both pre and current covid period), I'd been lusting over some rather exotic-sounding fruits that can only be commonly found on fruit delivery sites. However, most of them have a high minimum order for free delivery (e.g. $80, I can't bring myself to order $80 of fruits unless I know for certain they're damn good haha) or the delivery fees are hefty (like $15).

Website photography image credit to: Owari Photography

So I was glad that The Fruit Hut offers free delivery for fruit orders above $60, or just $9.70 for any orders below. On top of that, they offer 2-hour delivery time slots within the next hour of ordering! Talk about efficiency! They are also highly recommended by Best in Singapore - 10 Best Fruits Delivery in Singapore.

I had the following in my fruits basket delivered (top right, clockwise):
AUS Sapphire S/L Grape
Thai Golden Honey Mango
Ecuador Yellow Passion Fruit
USA Dinosaur Grenades

The Thai Golden Honey Mango are going at 3pcs for $12.90 currently. However, they were extremely sour (is it meant for thai mango salad?) so I guess I picked the wrong season to order mangoes.

Thankfully there were the dinosaur grenades to save the day!

Yes, you read correctly, GRENADES!

USA Dinosaur Grenade (3pcs) $11.00
Dinosaur grenade is actually pluot - a hybrid plant grown from a plum and an apricot. Pluots are extremely sweet and I really enjoyed them!

Here's how it looks after being sliced.

Ecuador Yellow Passion Fruit (2pcs) $6.90

One of the fruits I've been wanting to try is the Ecuador passion fruits, which is supposedly a sweet version of normal tangy passion fruits. It certainly didn't fail my expectations!
The seeds were fleshy and honeyed (not tangy at all), while maintaining that unique 'fragrance' of passion fruits. Amazing!

AUS Sapphire S/L Grape (500g) $12.00

Lastly, sapphire grapes from australia which my sister had been recommending for some time. They were definitely more saccharine than the usual grapes we get from supermarket. And most importantly - they are seedless! So convenient to eat!

My bowl of sweet vitamins for the day!

Let me know your comments if you check out The Fruit Hut!

The Fruit Hut

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Best in Singapore:


16 August 2020

[Food Delivery] The Acai Lab - Acai Bowl Delivery SG

The hot weather recently feels like I'm being baked alive! As much as possible, we have the airconditioning or fan on while we're at home, hopefully it will cool our bodies down. What helps is also yummy icy acai bowls delivered for our meals!

Got 2 large bowls for lunch over the weekend from The Acai Lab! Recommended by Best in Singapore as usual :) The Acai Lab is the first and only açaí delivery specialist in Singapore.

We had the Signature Acai Bowl and Berry Berries since we prefer more fruits for our acai bowls usually. We even added more fruit toppings as you can see from the picture - those small containers at the bottom :D

(Large) $15.60

This signature bowl consist of the 10 most popular toppings, giving you the perfect mouthful all in one bite! The top 10 toppings are Granola, Banana, Strawberry, Blueberry, Kiwi, Raisin, Pumpkin Seed, Coconut Flake, Cranberry, Chia Seed. I absolutely love this combination and would highly recommend this bowl!

(Large) $15.60

The Berry Berries bowl is loaded with all the antioxidants you need as it comes with all the "berry" fruits! Not only that, the acai base for Berry Berries is a special Mango-Acai blend which taste better (sweeter) than the usual acai I feel!

With 7 açaí specialised kitchens scattered around the island, The Acai Lab offers islandwide delivery within 60 minutes of ordering.

Photography image credit to: Owari Photography

If you prefer to make your own acai bowl at home, they offer the purple magic in pints too!
Medium (300g) at $14.12; Large (473g) at $22.10

Acai Bowl

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Best in Singapore:


Thanks for reading and hope you'll enjoy The Acai Lab too! 

26 July 2020

[Food Delivery] Pizza Delivery Singapore

I'm back with another food delivery review!
This time round, we had food ordered from Pizza Delivery Singapore to host our family for dinner.

There are sharing bundles available for larger groups to give you some cost savings. Unfortunately, the 3-4 pax bundle was not available on the website thus I had to order ala carte.

We chose 2 large (12") pizzas, 6 chicken wings, and 6 fried prawns to share amongst 5 pax.

I got to know about this pizza delivery service from Best in SingaporePizza Delivery Singapore is an upscale fast-casual concept that serves up artisan-style pizzas and pasta made on-demand, ready in minutes and delivered to our doorstep all under 1 hour. 

The pizza sauces and toppings are also freshly prepped every morning – right on the spot with each incoming order and fired up in custom-made Italian stone oven replica.

Hawaiian Pizza (12" 8 slices)
We have to order the classic Hawaiian! It is also always an in-house favourite with tender chicken ham slices, classic Italian tomato sauce, juicy chicken breast, capsicum peppers, mozzarella cheese and topped with succulent pineapple chunks (yay!)

Seafood Pizza (12" 8 slices)
Dive into a supreme seafood combination of juicy prawns, tuna chunks, fresh tender squid and succulent scallops drenched in mozzarella cheese and extra virgin olive oil. 

Here's a clearer photo of the pizza from the website where you can see the squid better!

Crispy Chicken Wings | 6 Pieces
This is my personal favourite as the wings are well seasoned and the skin is crispy!

Honey Mustard Prawn | 6 Pieces
The prawns look abit different from the website photos honestly. (see stock photo below) But thankfully the taste was still good. It's enough to go on its own even without the honey mustard sauce!

Pizza Delivery Singapore is having 50% when you purchase 2 pizzas (automatically deducted at check out) and you can mix any size or flavours for each pair. So, make use of the promotion to try it ;)

Besides, it offers free island-wide delivery for purchases over $60 too!

Pizza Delivery:


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Best in Singapore:


Last but not least, credits to Owari Photography for all Pizza Delivery Singapore photos :)

19 July 2020

[Review] Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow

With the added strains on our bodies, due to the less-than-optimal ergonomics wfh spaces most of us may have (improper design of work space / lack of comfy chairs and what's not), I thought it would be good to treat my body better in other aspects as well. That includes getting proper rest at night, especially after a long day of strenous (okay, I'm exaggerating maybe) wfh.

Thus, I was super excited to have the chance to try out the Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow which topped the chart of 8 Best Comfortable Pillows to Buy in Singapore!

The Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow offers a responsive Latex foam support and is completed with a removable Tencel fabric pillow cover.

Benefits of Natural Latex:

Latex foam has a denser material as compared to memory foam or fibre. A Latex pillow moulds to the shape of your head which gives you the right level of sleep support. Latex materials are extremely durable with hypoallergenic properties that have lesser dust, bacteria or mould issues. It is highly recommended for people with allergies to provide a good relaxing sleep. Being impression-resistant, it can also hold its shape for many years while still feeling soft.

I'm more of a side sleeper, so noticed that this pillow comes with a thicker profile which can follow the natural curvature of the body while sleeping on my side! Also, it is quite firm which I feel that can provide better support on the head and neck. The pillow promises to cradle the head and reliefs pressure on the cervical spine.

Tencel Fabric Removable Pillow Cover:

Unlike many pillows, Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow has a removable pillow cover. Luxuriously threaded with Tencel fabric, this cover can be machine washed which helps to extend the pillow’s life in the long run. Tencel fabric is known for its natural comfort, environmentally responsible production process and being softer as compared to cotton. It is hypoallergenic, lightweight, and extremely ideal for hot weather climates.

Many thanks to Best In Singapore and Origin for sending the pillow over. Do check out other review articles on Best In Singapore if you have something in mind to get!