6 September 2020

[Food Delivery] The Fruit Hut


With the growing trend of food deliveries (both pre and current covid period), I'd been lusting over some rather exotic-sounding fruits that can only be commonly found on fruit delivery sites. However, most of them have a high minimum order for free delivery (e.g. $80, I can't bring myself to order $80 of fruits unless I know for certain they're damn good haha) or the delivery fees are hefty (like $15).

Website photography image credit to: Owari Photography

So I was glad that The Fruit Hut offers free delivery for fruit orders above $60, or just $9.70 for any orders below. On top of that, they offer 2-hour delivery time slots within the next hour of ordering! Talk about efficiency! They are also highly recommended by Best in Singapore - 10 Best Fruits Delivery in Singapore.

I had the following in my fruits basket delivered (top right, clockwise):
AUS Sapphire S/L Grape
Thai Golden Honey Mango
Ecuador Yellow Passion Fruit
USA Dinosaur Grenades

The Thai Golden Honey Mango are going at 3pcs for $12.90 currently. However, they were extremely sour (is it meant for thai mango salad?) so I guess I picked the wrong season to order mangoes.

Thankfully there were the dinosaur grenades to save the day!

Yes, you read correctly, GRENADES!

USA Dinosaur Grenade (3pcs) $11.00
Dinosaur grenade is actually pluot - a hybrid plant grown from a plum and an apricot. Pluots are extremely sweet and I really enjoyed them!

Here's how it looks after being sliced.

Ecuador Yellow Passion Fruit (2pcs) $6.90

One of the fruits I've been wanting to try is the Ecuador passion fruits, which is supposedly a sweet version of normal tangy passion fruits. It certainly didn't fail my expectations!
The seeds were fleshy and honeyed (not tangy at all), while maintaining that unique 'fragrance' of passion fruits. Amazing!

AUS Sapphire S/L Grape (500g) $12.00

Lastly, sapphire grapes from australia which my sister had been recommending for some time. They were definitely more saccharine than the usual grapes we get from supermarket. And most importantly - they are seedless! So convenient to eat!

My bowl of sweet vitamins for the day!

Let me know your comments if you check out The Fruit Hut!

The Fruit Hut

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