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4 August 2013

National Day Parade (NDP) 2013

Got tickets to the one of the NDP show this year yay!


Dug out some old Agneselle items.
Agneselle waterfall top
Agneselle clutch
Red jeggings from uniqlo

Design of the goodie bag we got!

The cheeise crackers were abit disappointing lolx.

Before the parade.


Not biased, but I really feel that this is the best performance out of the entire show!
There was an unanimous "wow" coming from the audience, esp during the part of  the flashing HOORAY done so coordinately.
Even the two ang mohs in front of us who didn't seem to understand the NDP, began to clapp so loud for the human led item (and then left shortly after the next performance :X).

Merlion came too! hahaha.
This was quite a hilarious segment of the show.

Balls playing.


Heart-shaped fireworks!


14 February 2013

Happy CNY & Valentines ♥

Happy CNY & Valentines everybody!
How had the holidays been for you? :)

I have been instagraming more often than fb-ing or others recently!
So add me on instagram, OYHZ for updates :)

It was a pity that it rained consecutively for all the 3 days! And even before cny. I would have enjoyed the visiting more if it was a bright sunny day! But nevertheless, 水为财 so I shall not complain further :)

The cats were all so grumpy looking those few days! lol.

We had half day off on friday, thus bunch of us went for last-min cny shopping. I went to get my shoes, goodies & etc as well.

Here's sookie & I on our way out.
It was pouring that day, so having a bright photo means having more noise as well :x

Oh, I coloured my hair red :D

Bought some CNY goodies for ah ma :)
Those in huge tins are love letters, from namely, swee heng (red ones) & four seasons (floral tin).
The ones from swee heng are great! The fragrance of it entices everyone in my maternal family to take one once I opened the tin. lol. Even those who had said earlier, "don't want la, trying to diet." or "such cny goodies are too sweet for old people like me.." LOL.

The nonya pineapple tarts are my fav this year!

Also, I came home to this lovely present lying on the piano seat.
My valentines present arrived just in time for CNY :)

Decided to get a medium coffer becos I heard miu miu is discontinuing it.
Is that true??
It's such a classic design, how can they! :(

Had a simple reunion dinner at ah ma house.
Steamboat for the adults and bbq for the kids. I had bbq food of cos :p
And taiwan beer to was everything down, ahh.

With my not-so-baby nephews.
The one in front is SO FAT :x

As seen in the previous post, I was fretting over my cny clothings all the way til day 初一 itself!
Finally decided on La Enchante's Olinda dress in crimson rose. Heh.

Here's my ootd shot.

Had our usual routine..
Went to senja kaikan in the morning for new year gongyo.

Wl was doing duty there.

Next we made our way to peach garden for our annual dimsum brunch on 初一 :)
Service and food is good as usual!
And such colourful candies welcoming us :D

Went on to various elders' houses to bai nian after brunch.

It was food/tv/chat the entire day.. I think I had gained abit of weight over the 3 days, woohoo!

KJG is the new LCG man! The ba kwa is awesome!
I heard KJG is the supplier for LCG anyways?

Final stop at my gu gu's house.

She had the white tent put up permanently at her porch/garden/carpark to shelter her posh cars on rainy days, or to hold mini banquets during the festives. lol. Super ka zhang!
The sis and I simply nua at the balcony area cos we were too tired to eat/chat.
Plus it was still pouring, so we couldn't sit by the pool :/

Even cooper was tired-out by 9pm.

初二 was spent eating MORE food, watching more tv, and gaining more weight -_- hahaha.
My ootd for day II of cny :)

In floral frock, black 'snake'-skin clutch and a colourful emsemble on my wrist.

We went for Japanese dinner at raffles city.
Decided on Bachmann Japanese Restaurant cos it had the, erm, shortest queue. Hehe.

Hot soupy ramen on a rainy day is ♥♥♥ anyways!!

Gyozas that are cripsy on the outside, and juicy inside.

All-time fav soft-shell crab :)

Went to join the crowd over at River Hong Bao after dinner.
Our yearly must-do during cny.
But it was pretty boring this year.
Maybe cos I didn't managed to hit any bells at the 'wishing well' :( lol.


Starry dress in coral from La Enchante.
Love the embroidery details ♥

Went out to chill in the afternoon (to prevent ourselves from stuffing our faces with more pineapple tarts :O)




Was stucked in a jam so we had lotsa time to cam-whore. Hehe.
Okay lah...
Even if no jam we'll still camwhore lor >.<

Went to Maybel's house to bai nian in the evening.
Her baby's so cute & obedient (for the period I saw her heh)!

And here's wl again, being so proud cos she's taller than me that day!

Went Bedok 85 for late dinner/supper after house visiting.
My prawn mee!

Felt giddy the entire evening and even right before I slept :(
I was so afraid something's wrong and asked my sis, what if I faint in my sleep ah? Will that happen??
She gave a =.=

Doc says it's vertigo.
Might be due to bacteria in my ears :(
But all he gave me were pills for giddiness and nothing for my ears leh :/
Wish the spinning goes away soon..