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2 October 2013

Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant

Attempting to blog about Chee's birthday!

First up, my OOTD!

We had a great meal at Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant, newly opened at Ngee Ann City :)
Some lovely pics from my instagram :p

It's nicely tucked away at one of the quiet area at the 5th level.

 photo image_22_zpse661f4aa.jpeg

Love the chandeliers.
Or spider-lamps, some might say :x

 photo image_32_zps3d79e666.jpeg

 photo image_12_zpsd4d96f04.jpeg

Some tapas to share while we waited for ling & xy..
Tortilla Espa├»¬?/b> $11
Spanish omelette with potato and onion. 

Salteado de Setas $14
Sautee mushroom with garlic and extra virgin olive oil.
This was too salty and thinly sliced :/ Would prefer larger chunks of juicy mushrooms..

Fideua Negro $68
Squid Ink Fideua!

xy's favourite! I personally don't have the habit of eating food with ink, however, it's a very popular ingredient in Mediterranean region or namely countries like Spain (well, it's a Spanish restuarant), Portugal and Italy.

To be honest, it taste slightly of economical fried bee hoon. Hahaha, just slightly lah.
Other than that, it was in fact the best dish of the dinner I would say!
If you have tried Paella before, it is a similar just that the rice is changed to bee hoon thin noodle instead :)

Now, the "usual". 
Paella Valenciana $68
Which is, Seafood Paella.. Containing Saffron, chicken, Spanish chorizo, tiger prawns, squid, half shell mussels, and rice.

Quite uncommon to have green peas with seafood? I picked them out :X
Like the Fideua, this was really yummy too!
Though I'm not a fan of squid, those in the Paella were good! Chewy and juicy, not rubbery at all.

Lastly, some meat to go along.
BBQ pork ribs.

 photo image_33_zps1be8065d.jpeg

Here's our birthday girl <3

 photo image2_zps46f04230.png

Had a great time surprising her as usual.
The waiter, our impromtu accomplice, was so smart, attentive and cute! rofl.

I love the perfume scent we got her!
Think I'm gonna get it myself too, LOL.

Tiramisu cake from Perla Pastry Boutique at Takashimaya.
Perla Pastry is the sister bakery of Ristorante Da Valentino! No wonder the cake was tdf! And the size was perfect for 5 petite girls like us hahahaha :D

 photo image_25_zps8745dbfa.jpeg

Had a great evening reminiscing our Europe days!
Looking forward to more of such dinners to come! :) :)

Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant

#05-32, Ngee Ann City Tower A, 391 Orchard Road

Daily: 11:30 - 22:00


28 September 2013

Chye Seng Huat Hardware

One of the few places where M recommends (and initiated rather randomly lol!).
Chye Seng Huat Hardware - CSHH
Believe many people are familiar with this cafe already, I'm actually posting this more for myself cos it was a really happy day! :p

Chye Seng Huat Hardware (CSHH)

As suggested by its name, the cafe retained its original hardware store decor.

 photo image_23_zpse783850e.jpeg

Well, on the exterior at least.

There are coffee-related items on sale on the decor shelves, lol.

The alfresco area.

We intended to visit for the coffee, but ordered something each to go with the coffee.

Bacon + sundried tomato quiche.

Creamy fudge cake.


Forever busy.

Here's my OOTD!
A super cheery mini-dress.

Paired with equally cheery beads bracelet and a electric blue clutch.

Close-up of my bracelet <3

 photo image_3_zpsf9c0c401.jpeg

And I took an OOTD shot for M too, lol.

 photo image3_zps66e38867.jpeg


10 September 2013

Disney Planes at Golden Village and La Enchante Sales

Attended Disney's Planes movie screening at Golden Village last weekend.

 photo image_zps2683cbbb.jpeg

 photo image_4_zps8edcdcd5.jpeg

Thanks to everyone who had came to support and "voted" for my blog! ^^
Didn't screen through everything la, but saw a few familiar names when I went to kpo around haha.
Janet said I was checking out competition, lol. But to be honest, I was more than happy to just be able to participate in the event! :) It's always nice gathering friends and love ones, catching up on movies and enjoy free stuffs - Ben & Jerry's indulgence and popcorn!
Oh and coincidentally, I bumped into one of my uni mates who happened to be one of the five bloggers!
He has a food blog over here :)
What a joy to find someone familiar, esp right before having to walk up (or rather, down) to the front of the movie theater and give an impromptu introduction of ourselves *sweats*
Thankfully the lights were erm, semi-dim and audiences were mainly friends..and kids.

Wasn't feeling too well, so no face >.<
H&M stripey dress
Staple cardigan
Prada tote
Loafers from BKK

Redeeming for our B&J and popcorn!
For dd, mel, celine and me :)

 photo image_3_zpsb297e1ee.jpeg

Disney's Planes is an animation carrying the warm-hearted tale of a crop duster plane with a fear of heights and lives his dream of competing in a famous around-the-world aerial race.
A lesson on determination, perseverance, passion and kindness.
If you have kids, this is the movie for them!

Disney's Planes Character Photo #1

Disney's Planes Character Photo #12

And if possible, after you watched the show, can tell me why did Ishani (the Pan-Asian champion from india) change her propellers after attempting to sabotage Dusty?
Lol. Didn't quite catch that part of the show.

Big thank you GV! :)


Here's an advert for La Enchante :)
There're four Sales/What's Available posts up on the livejournal page.
Prices are greatly discounted, mostly 50%-70% off.

Starting from the latest:
Sales/What's Available
Sales/What's Available II
Sales/What's Available III
Sales/What's Available IV

Weekend polka dots shirt
Now $15.00


Delia pleated blouse

Now $18.00


Glenda embossed peplum top (pink)

Now $18.00


Cayla crochet collar dress

Now $18.00

Olinda dress
Now $15.00
That's some of my favourites from the sales/what's available :)
Have fun shopping! <3